PostCom is required to levy fees to cover the administrative costs of its legal decisions and services. Fees are levied for:

registering providers and checking the evidence they are required to provide;

  • services and decisions with regard to access to post office boxes, the exchange of data, PostCom’s activities with regard to supervision of the universal provision of postal services;
  • further decisions by PostCom, e.g. with regard to its supervisory function (imposition of measures and sanctions).

Fees must be paid by any company for whom a decision must be issued or which uses a service. The fee is proportionate to the work involved.

The fees are set in accordance with PostCom’s regulations and Federal Administration’s General Fees Ordinance of 8 September 2004.

Supervision fees

In order to meet supervision costs that are not covered by income from fees, PostCom charges registered companies an annual supervision fee. Providers who are subject to the simplified duty to register are exempt from this.

If a provider objects to paying this fee, it can request PostCom to issue a contestable order.

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Last edition: 08.07.2022