Post offices and agencies

The Postal Services Act requires Swiss Post to ensure access to a basic universal postal service in all areas of the country. Swiss Post must provide a nationwide network of post offices and postal agencies. A basic universal service must be available to all sections of the population and within reasonable reach in all the regions. The distance to the next post office or agency is an important criterion for assessing the quality of the postal service.

The network of post offices and agencies must be within a 20-minute walking distance or accessible by public transport within 20 minutes for 90 percent of the population of a canton. In areas where a house service is available, the nearest post office or agency must be reachable within 30 minutes. Moreover, at least one served access point must be guaranteed in urban areas and agglomerations which are defined as such by federal statistics. If the threshold of 15,000 inhabitants or employees is exceeded, another served access point must be operated.

Using a certified method, Swiss Post must demonstrate that these values are observed. Both the method and instruments for assessing accessibility are approved by PostCom.

When post offices and agencies are closed or moved, Swiss Post must hold discussions with the local authorities and find a solution which is acceptable to both parties. If no agreement can be met, the authorities involved can appeal to the independent body PostCom. PostCom considers whether the proposed solution ensures access to a basic universal service. It makes a recommendation before Swiss Post makes its final decision. This procedure takes account of regional conditions and establishes similar practices for the whole of Switzerland.

PostCom Annual Report (German)

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Last edition: 08.07.2022